Please Note! Unless you have received notification from Office Careers regarding your online classes, your scheduled classes are is still being held.

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  • Learn office skills from home.
  • Laptop and internet service included. 
  • Daily (M-F) one-on-one instruction.
  • Jobs skills training since 1991.
  • Great for beginners!


Office Careers provides one-on-one learning that is highly interactive between the student and instructor. Our training is designed to be relaxed and social with no prerequisites for computer skills. We want the student to enjoy their class time and develop useful skills that they will retain and easily apply in a new career. Students will develop new skills by using them in the coursework activities and continuous reinforcement. 

Available Training Programs:

  • General Office
  • Accounting
  • Medical Office
  • Medical Office Billing and Coding
  • Transportation Clerk (Dispatch)

General Office
Prepares students to provide basic administrative support under the supervision of office managers, administrative assistants, secretaries, and other office personnel.  Includes instruction in typing, keyboarding, filing, general business correspondence, office equipment operation, and communications skills. 

Transportation Clerk (Dispatch)
Prepares individuals to perform duties associated with managing revenue-based transportation services, such as toll roads and waterways, and to assist in the dispatch and control of fleet-based traffic for businesses and public services.  Includes instruction in record-keeping; operation of communications equipment; basic transportation operations management; and applicable laws, policies, and procedures

Medical Office
Prepares students to work under the supervision of office managers and other professionals, to perform routine administrative duties in a medical, clinical, or health care facility/system office environment.   Includes instruction in general office skills, data processing, office equipment operation, principles of medical record-keeping and business regulations, medical/clinical office procedures, and communications skills. 

Medical Coder/Biller
Prepares individuals to perform specialized data entry, classification, and record-keeping procedures related to medical diagnostic, treatment, billing, and insurance documentation.  Includes instruction in medical records and insurance software applications, basic anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, fundamentals of medical science and treatment procedures, data classification and coding, data entry skills, and regulations relating to Medicare and insurance documentation. 

Accounting Technician and Bookkeeping
Prepares individuals to provide technical administrative support to professional accountants and other financial management personnel.  Includes instruction in posting transactions to accounts, record-keeping systems, accounting software operation, and general accounting principles and practices

GED Attainment
This is not a preparation class. We expect our students to have a GED when the complete their program. There are four test to pass. Assessments begin early in a training plan to see what components can be completed. Office Careers will arrange and pay for practice test, official test, and any retesting.

These programs blend course work with GED training materials.